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There are many terms, phrases, and words circulating around the office that are unfamiliar to allot of people. They are the ones that are not found in any dictionary or thesaurus but do need some definition, never-the-less.

We currently have 63 of these categories displayed on our site. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. Office Phrases - You've probably heard them! Those phrases being thrown around work that have hidden meanings. Here we have tried to clear up those hidden meanings, in a rather... humorous way.
  2. How To Succeed As An Executive - We have provided you with eleven ways to succeed as an executive and a funny definition of each. You've probably already recognized some of these at your workplace.
  3. Types Of Male Employees At The Urinal - You men have probably met all types of other men at work. Here you will find just what type of man is standing next to you at the urinal. Keep these in mind the next time you visit the restroom!
  4. Employee's Horoscope - Want to know just what kind of people you are working with? Simply ask them what their horoscope is and you'll have your answer!
  5. Hickphonics/English Dictionary - Got any fellow workers you considered to be hicks and are having trouble understanding their slang? No problem, we have defined many of these words for you!
  6. Corporate Zodiac - Here are some funny definitions for terms often heard around the office.
  7. Jive Medical Dictionary - Do you work at a hospital and wander what all that jive talk is? Here you can find out! These definitions are meant to be funny only, not offensive.
  8. Employee Evaluation - Every year our bosses give us an evaluation based on past performance. Here we have a rather humorous take on what we get evaluated against.
  9. Just A Matter Of Interpretation - Have you ever been evaluated against a different standard than your boss? Well, here we have identified some of those standard differences which allot of you may identify with.
  10. The Fart Chart - Have you ever heard (or smelt) one of your co-workers let one really rip and wandered who did it? Here is a profile of each type of person who has ever let one go!
  11. Redneck Bonics - Here you can interpret all those redneck words that you have been hearing but not understanding.
  12. Glossary of Investment Terms - Have you ever wondered what some of the investment terms really mean? Well, click here and find out.
  13. Political Philosophies in Simple "Two Cow" Terms - Read funny meanings to some political words defined in terms of "two cows".
  14. Definitions - Read more funny definitions.
  15. Hillbilly Computer Lingo - Read funny hillbilly defintions of computer terms.
  16. Anagrams - Here are some amusing transposing of words you will surely enjoy. Someone out there either has far too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble.
  17. Noun Gender - Have you ever wandered what gender is assigned to certain nouns. Read these amusing reasons.
  18. Achieve - Read what it means when you boss wants you to put more than 100 percent into your work.
  19. It's All in the Punctuation - Read about how punctuation can really change the meaning of a sentence.
  20. Variations on Murphy's Law - Have you heard about Murphy's Law? Click here to read some other laws you may not have heard of.       
  21. Tators - Here are a number of humorous definitions for single word descriptors of people that end in the word "tator".       
  22. Using the "F" Word - Click here to read the top ten times when using the "F" word is appropriate.       
  23. Hillbilly Medical Terms - Click here to read definitions of some hillbilly medical terms. 
  24. Southern Horoscope Signs - What's Your "Southern" Sign? Some Southerners are pretty skeptical of horoscopes, and it has become obvious that what they need are "Southern" symbols.
  25. A Little Test to See If You Are Awake - Read six questions that will surely make you think.
  26. Investments Terms - Read some humorous interpretations to some investment terms you hear so often.
  27. Meaning of Service - Read what the term "service" really means.
  28. Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged - Read the Christmas songs that are song by those who are Psychiatrically challenged based on their mental disorder.
  29. 13 Identifiable Items...Male or Female.. - Read the Christmas songs that are song by those who are Psychiatrically challenged based on their mental disorder.
  30. Varieties of Marketing & Sales - The buzz word in today's business world is MARKETING. However, most people often ask for a simple explanation of "Marketing." Click here to find out what they are!
  31. The Reading Test - Take the reading test and see if you pass. The results are quite amusing!
  32. New Words for 2003 - Here are some amusing definitions to new words in the year 2003.
  33. New Drugs For Women - Read the names and definitions of some new drugs that just came out for women.
  34. Globalization - Here is a new look at what the word "Globalization" really means. While the incident used here as an example is truly tragic, the reality of it in terms of Globalization really makes you think.
  35. New Chemical Discovered Called "Governmentium" - Read a funny story about a new chemical element discoverd called Governmentium, the heaviest known element known to man.
  36. Simple Math - New Arithmetic - Read an amusing story about how being 100% can be mathematically determined.
  37. More Cow Politics - See how different types of politics deal with ownership when it comes to owning two cows.
  38. Thing About These Jewels of Wisdom - Read some views on politics as said by some famous people. 
  39. How To Say I Love You In 25 Different Languages - If you have ever wondered how to say "I Love You" when you are in various places on the globe or within the U.S., here is your chance.
  40. Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder - If you have ever wondered what A.A.A.D.D is just click here.
  41. New Virus - There is a new virus out there called "WORK". Click here to learn all about it.
  42. Engineering Conversions - Read some humorous engineering  conversions.
  43. Gender Vocabulary - When it comes to men and woman, words and phrases have a totally different meaning. Click here and read some.
  44. Examples of Sex Types - Here are examples of five different types of sex that you may find amusing.
  45. Teaching Vs. Administration - A humorous conversation between an administrator in a balloon and a teacher on the ground.
  46. Military Translations - Military translations for those who didn't know.
  47. I Owe My Mother - Here is one person's take on what he learned from his mother while growing up.
  48. S.H.I.T. - This word is probably used more times than any other profane word. Read where the word originated from.
  49. Bar Room Translations - Here are sayings that you may here in a bar and what they actually mean.
  50. How Men Interpret Words - Funny interpretation of words from a male perspective.
  51. EuroEnglish - A humorous perspective on why EuroEnglish sounds awfully like German.
  52. New Definitions of Altered Words - The Washington Post's Style Invitational asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition. Read the winners!
  53. Standardized Guide to the Bases - Read a new spin on the various sexual connotations that certain baseball terms have.
  54. New Computer Complaint Classifications - The help desk and computer techs are going to classify our calls using three codes. Click here to read them.
  55. More Gender Vocabulary - Different words mean different things to a woman and man. Here are only  a few of them.
  56. Story of My Life- Here is a story of one's life explained as Laws and Theorems.
  57. How to Speak About Women and Be Politically Correct - The title says it all!
  58. Basic Math - Read a humorous take on the evolution in teaching math since the 1950s.
  59. The Most Functional English Word - Read why the word "shit" is the most functional word in the English language.
  60. Words to Live By - A number of humorous meanings to words and phrases.
  61. Performance Reviews - See what those words on yearly performance reviews REALLY mean.
  62. Potentially & Reality Defined - An amusing story about a boy who asked his father to help him write a paper on the difference between Potentially and Reality.
  63. Essential Vocabulary - Funny vocabulary additions for the workplace (and elsewhere)!
  64. Webster’s Dickxionary - A humorous name given to the generic version of Viagra.

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