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Occasionally mail is brought in from home or received at work that is not work related, mostly in the form of junk mail and bills. However, there is always that one letter that brightens up, what may very well have been, a dull and boring day.

We currently have 45 of these personal letters displayed on our site. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. A Polish Mother's Letter Written To Her Son - A humorous letter to written by a mother to her son about life back at home.
  2. The Chain Letter - One that has a funny twist if not followed to the letter, a chain letter that is.
  3. The Accident Report - Not sure whether this is an actual letter sent to an insurance company about a worker's many misfortunes. But it sure is funny!
  4. Stocks & Securities Audit Letter - A funny take on a letter that one might receive from a securities firm during an audit if holding just the right kinds of stocks.
  5. Dear Ann Landers Letter - Not your typical letter you would expect one to get published by Ann Landers. But it does have its humorous moments!
  6. A Letter From Playgirl - How would you like to be embarrassed after sending your picture into Playgirl for their "Man of the Month Centerfold"? This poor guy surely did!
  7. A Letter To A Friend In Korea - A letter written to a soldier in Korea by one of his friends back in the States. What makes this letter so funny is how this friend describes the things going on in his home and with his wife.
  8. That Letter About The Warehouse Job - The bad grammar and spelling in which this letter was written, it's no wonder why this guy never got paid for his job.
  9. Santa's Answers to Emails - Have you ever wondered how Santa responds to letters. Well, click here to read some funny answers to emails from Santa.
  10. Don't Lie To Your Mother - Read how a man gets caught in a lie with his mother.
  11. U.S Apology to China - Read an amusing letter sent to China to apologize for the collison between their fighter plan and a U.S. spy plane
  12. To Home With Love - Read a letter from a son to his father and a response from the father to son that adds a little humor to subliminal messages.
  13. Dear Abby - Read an amusing Dear Abby letter written by a wife about a her cheating husband.
  14. Kindness - Read a funny letter written from an elderly woman to a group of children who gave her a radio.
  15. Pleading - Read our latest funny letter about a boy who has two $100 bills.
  16. Husband 1.0 Software - If there were ever software developed on Husbands this would take first prize.
  17. A Redneck Letter - A funny letter written by an Aunt to a redneck nephew.
  18. A Letter Home From Bosnia - This is suppose to be a true letter that was written to the parents of marine stationed in Bosnia.
  19. Another Dear Abby - A humorous letter from a woman to Dear Abby complaining about her lying, cheating husband.
  20. Military Rules For Non-Military Personnel - A funny story about a letter written from a Sergeant to all non-military personnel.
  21. California Driver's License Application/Exam - A new (and humorous) California driver's license application and examination form based on the unique culture in Los Angeles today.
  22. Tech Support - Read funny letters between a woman and tech support about the Husband 1.0 program.
  23. Letter to Ma & Pa - A funny letter from a Christmas Valley, Oregon farm kid, now stationed at the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot.
  24. If You Have Ever Been Jacked Around By Your Bank - An amusing, and actual, letter sent to a bank by an irrate customer.
  25. Letter to Tide - A humorous letter written to Tide by a murder suspect.
  26. Letter From The President - A funny letter written to John Hinckley from President Bush.
  27. Letter To a Mother - A letter written to mother from her daughter.
  28. A Letter to the American People - A letter written by a disgruntle senior citizen about the Bush Administration.
  29. Best Resignation Letter Ever Written - A supposed letter of resignation from an employee at a computer company, to her boss, who apparently resigned very soon afterwards! It's Funny, but a bit harsh.
  30. Getting Even - A letter to friends and family for all the chain letters sent over the years that keeps one from doing the things they may like to do.
  31. Infidelity - Two funny letters written between a husband and wife about their infidelity.
  32. Dear Diary - A funny entry into one man's diary about the one week of physical training his wife bought him for his 50th Birthday.
  33. Letter From Martha Stewart - A funny letter from Martha Stewart about making slippers as Christmas gifts while in prison.
  34. The Will - A Will obviously written after the Terry Shiavo incident and while the content is serious it does have its amusing moments.
  35. Another Redneck Letter - A humorous letter from a redneck mother to her redneck son.
  36. Letter of Recommendation - A funny response to a letter sent to the HR dept by a project leader about one of his employees.
  37. To God From the Dog - A humorous letter that a dog wrote to God.
  38. Divorce is Final - A funny pair of letters between an ex husband and his ex wife about the reasons for their breakup.
  39. Saving the Airline Industry - A humorous letter written about how the airline industry can be protect themselves agains Arab terrorists and improve their revenues.
  40. Sounds Like a Plan - A letter written to the Secretary of Agriculture by a Katrina victim in an attempt to get more money out of the government.
  41. Oops! - A letter written to a man from his wife explaining the slight accident she had with his new truck (picture included).
  42. I Want a Raise - A funny letter written by the penis to management about getting a raise and management's letter in response.
  43. Tough Santa - More funny responses to letters to Santa from kids.
  44. Unanswered Question - A funny letter written by a man to his friends about random and seemingly unfair applications of good or bad fortune.
  45. Dear Abby - Another Dear Abby letter...about a man who is worried about his reputation .

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