Funny Recipes

Holidays are festive occasions at work. People bringing in homemade goodies. Secretaries exchanging secret ingredients to their famed dishes. But there are just some recipes that are not taken too seriously.

We currently have 9 comical recipes displayed on our site. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. Banana Bread - You can just imagine what goes into this delicacy.
  2. Turkey Dressing Supreme - This dish should be cooked on Thanksgiving!
  3. Best Fruit Cake Ever - Not just for Christmas but all year around!
  4. Stuffed Camel - Here's a delicious delight that you can enjoy with 149 of your closest friends!
  5. Ode To The Pillsbury Doughboy - Here's a tasty, but comical, ode to the passing of the Pillsbury Doughboy.
  6. New Chili Tester - A humorous story about an easterner who gets roped into a chili tasting contest.
  7. Where Did The Glue Go? - A funny story about certain ingredients called out in a recipe can actually form glue.
  8. Tequila Cookies - A tasty Mexican treat that is enjoyed by all!
  9. Texas Chile Cookoff - Funny evaluations from one judge on the Texas Chile cookoff

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