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Often words are not enough to convey the true meanings of a specific event, occurrence, or situation. So when it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words then a cartoon is truly worth a thousand laughs.

We have just added a new category here! It is a cross between a cartoon and a photograph. We call them "fun photos" and they are sure to get a laugh out of you. So pick a category below and start laughing!

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  1. Nobody Is Perfect
  2. Engineering Focus
  3. Three Frogs & A Roll Of Toilet Paper
  4. Where Did You Ever Learn To Eat Escargot Like That?
  5. Now That's What I Call A Fart!
  6. My Company
  7. Italian Heavy Artillary
  8. Arid Desert
  9. And She Yells At Me For Sucking My Thumb
  10. The Job Isn't Done Till The Paper Work's Finished!
  11. The Flasher
  12. Another Bad Computer Day
  13. My Job
  14. Smoking Helps Your Relax
  15. Every Day Of My Life Forces Me To Add To The Number of People Who Can Kiss My Ass!
  16. When You're Down And Out... Everybody Wants A Piece Of Your Ass!
  17. It Was Fun While It Lasted
  18. Chicken and Eggs
  19. Retirement
  20. Bench Warmers
  21. Trick or Treat
  22. Little Al Gore
  23. Arm and a Leg
  24. Somewhere, Something Went Terribly Wrong
  25. Organization Chart: Chain Of Command
  26. Please Do - Go On With Your Story!
  27. I'm So Happy Here I Could Just Shit!
  28. This Has Been A Bad Day
  29. Afgahnistan After The War
  30. US Apology
  31. Horror Movie
  32. Where Icicles Come From
  33. Voting for Dummies
  34. The Goringe That Almost Stole Florida
  35. Chances of a Man Winning an Argument
  36. I Love You
  37. Card Trick
  38. Balance Of Nature
  39. Iraq Voting Ballot
  40. Testing Your Mouse For Accuracy
  41. New Homeland Security Bill
  42. Christmas in a Contemporary Neighborhood
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