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Woman's Expectations Of A Husband

What Every woman Expects:

1. Forever handsome, caring, and romantic.

2. The virility of an 18 year old.

3.  Always remembers special dates - Birthday's, Anniversary's.

4. To dine out more than once a year.

5. Send flowers for no reason.

6. Favorite expression: "Honey, those few extra pounds means there's just that much more to love.

7. A cuddle in the middle of the night.

8. A wizard in the kitchen, at doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and in the Stock Market.

9. An impromptu I Love You."

What She Gets

1. He hugs his pillow more than you.

2. His idea of dining out is a hamburger and fries.

3. He has to comb his hair from the back, forward, to hide the bald spot.

4. He hasn't said those 3 words in so long, you have to play "Charades in order to hear them.

5. He can't remember what the words "Vacation Together" mean.

6. He lets you know that he may need to put Heavy Duty Shocks on the car, only on your side.

7. He says "I was going to send you flowers, but . . .
(A) the ones I wanted were out of season".
(B) they were all out of roses".
(C) I couldn't find a florist".

8. He carries a picture of his mother in his wallet.

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