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The Long Ranger Strikes Again

Some hostile Indians finally captured the Lone Ranger and told him that they were going to kill him. They decided that since he was such a great adversary, they would grant him one last wish. When told this, the Lone Ranger whistled loudly, and from out of nowhere galloped his horse Silver. The Lone Ranger whispered something in the horse's ear, and the horse took off a great speed. The Indians were curious and waited to see what happened. Sure enough, about half an hour later, Silver appeared with a gorgeous woman on his back, and he dropped her off in front of the Lone Ranger. So impressed were the Indians that they untied the Lone Ranger, showed him to a teepee, and let him do as he pleased.

A few hours later, the Lone Ranger exited very tired and barely able to stand up. The Indians decided that they would let him regain his strength and execute him the next day.

But the next day came, and the Indians were absolutely amazed at the previous day's spectacle, that they decided to again grant the Lone Ranger one last wish. Again, he whistled for Silver, Silver appeared, the Lone Ranger whispered something in his ear, the horse took off and brought back an even more beautiful woman. Flabbergasted, the Indians again let the Lone Ranger have some privacy with the woman in a tee pee, and again, he was nearly exhausted afterward, unable to walk.

Another day passed, and the Indians decided they needed to see what would happen, so they granted him yet another wish. Again, the Lone Ranger whistled for Silver, and when the horse appeared, the Lone Ranger grabbed him by the neck and yelled at him, "I said, bring me a posse!"

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