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A forester is very much bored with his job in the forest mountains. He is bored because he hasn't had sex for many years. So he decides to go down to the valley to look for females. Before going down, he promises himself to have sex with the first female he should meet on the way.

He then embarks on his journey and in a short time happens upon a female horse.

He just can't control his urge for sex, so he says to himself, "I'll screw this horse because I just can't wait anymore."

He chases and chases and chases the horse but just can't seem to catch it. During his chase, he hears a voice crying for help.

He immediately runs to the source of the voice, where he sees a man trying to rape a woman. He hurries to help her and is successful.

In return for his heroic behavior, the woman says, "For saving me from that sex maniac, name your price, and I'll pay it. Anything. I mean, anything."

The man replies, "Really? Are you sure? Anything?"

When the woman says yes, he excitedly says, "Come on, help me chase that horse!"

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