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Which Military Service Has More Balls?

Top officers from the 4 services were arguing over which service had the most balls....

The Army General called over a young private. "Son go stand in the path of that oncoming tank." "Yes sir" said the private and proceeded to get run over.

"Now thats balls" Said the General.

The Airforce General said " Thats nothing, watch this. Airman Airhead get over here!"

The young airman quickly ran iover and popped to attention.

"Son go inspect the engine on that running F-22"

The Airman promptly poked his head into the intake and was sucked in.

"Now thats balls" The General said.

"Yeah, well you ain't got nothing on the Marines" Said the Commadant of the Marine Corps.

"Private! Go run into that minefield!"

The private did, and got blown up before he made it 10 feet into the mine field.

The Cheif of Naval Operations just laughed.

"You guys want to see balls? Well come with me."

The four of them went out to Naval Station Norfolk and made their way up to the flight deck of one of the carriers stationed there.

"You see Seaman Schmardas painting the top of that 100 foot mast? Well watch this." The CNO said.

"Hey Seaman! Undo that safety harness and jump down here!"

The seaman looked at the Admiral, Gave him the finger and said " F@ck you Sir!"

The Admiral smiled and said to the others "Now THAT'S Balls!"

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