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Comprehensive Naming System

Since history began, the Chinese always believed in the significance of one's name. They have developed a very comprehensive system of naming one's children as it is believed that the name of a person strongly influences  one's destiny and fate. Astrologers, fortune tellers, academics and monks  are consulted when choosing a name for the new born. Most other cultures, however do not really believe in it and tend to brush it off as superstition.
Whether you believe it or not, however, the other cultures are not spared of this correlation.
One very good example is Lee Iacocca, whose name IACOCCA stands for :
Look at the following familiar examples.
Bush stands for:
 Hussein !
Clinton stands for :
 Now !
However, no one can beat this latest casualty in bad naming
Osama stands for :
With all these, you better believe in the 5000 year old Chinese culture and make sure you choose a good name for your children.

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