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That Letter About The Warehouse Job

Dear Sir,

This letter is to let you know we ain't figgering on payin none of that liqwidating damages on the job rite after the letters Re: at the top of the page.

I figgered something like this wuld happen when we dint get the thing dome in the 1st plase when it was supposed to, so I went there myself to see wy not and I damned sure did and it aint are fault.

In the 1st plase them plans you give us wernt to good and you must have knowed it all the time because somebody in your office had to write a whole dam book to try to tell what shuld have been put in the plans in the first place, and this guy that wrote the book wernt any better than the guy that drawed the plans.

In the first place this book was chuch full of stuff about a lot of dam junk probly some relitive of-his was sellen there werent anything in the book about the stuff we used any way than in the front of this book was a bunch of stuff looked like som layer and stuck in there because it was real little print and looked like it was there to jip us.

Besides all that the man we sent up there to take care of are truck and see that the bilden got bilt said the man you sent up there slowed him down alot and make him poor turk load after truk load of cement in big holes under the bilden that didnt help non and cost a hell of a lot more money that we aimed to spend.

All of this stuff cause so much truble that our man started to drink - so and carry on sum and when I go there to see about it it aggravated me so bad I had to go on a months drunk myself and you ought to be smart enuf to know you cant get bildens bilt when you got to be drunk all the time.

If you guys had any cents all you had to do was tell what kind of a bilden you wanted and how big and where to put it and we would of git it bilt in a month or so and when this woulden have come up and we could all have maid a wad of dough.

If this aint enuf to get the damages stopped let us know and we donna start

tellen some of the nesty stuff about mistakes in the plans which aint in

accord with our ethics but we dont intend to let it stop us if it looks like it would cost us any money.

By the contractor hisself...............

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