Funny Poetry

To add a little class to the daily routine of office work, poetry is written. Although, it cannot be put in the same category as those by famous poets, it is worth mentioning never-the-less.

We currently have 39 funny poems displayed on our site. A description of each is provided after the link.

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  1. A Christmas Poem - The real (..and funny) story about Christmas.
  2. The Juice By Seuss - A humorous poem about the trial of O.J. Simpson as only Dr. Seuss could tell it.
  3. Timbuktu - It just goes to show you that you don't have to be an Ivy League scholar to come up with a winning poem.
  4. The Girl In The Tool Room - A humorous poem about what a woman has to go through performing her job in the tool room.
  5. Twas' The Night Before Christmas - A funny poem showing what life in the White House would be on Christmas Eve.
  6. Love Poem - A love poem that you would expect a man to write....a funny one!
  7. After Thanksgiving - A humorous poem about what happens after Thanksgiving.
  8. Ode To Las Vegas - A funny poem about a trip to Las Vegas from someone living in Los Angeles.
  9. A Fairy Tale For The Assertive Woman - A funny poem for women everywhere who think that a prince in shining armor will be galloping up on their big white horse, or is that a frog?
  10. Redneck Love Poem - A funny poem written about rednecks.
  11. The Ballot Counting According to Dr. Seuss - Most of you have read Dr. Seuss's books. Here is an amusing Dr. Seuss poem about the Presidential ballot counting in Florida.
  12. A New Christmas Poem - Read a new Christmas poem called "Twas The Night Before SEXMAS".
  13. Santa is Upset - Read a poem where Santa is not to happy and ready to give up the Christmas Eve ritual.
  14. Twas The Month After Christmas - Read a funny poem about your diet one month after Christmas.
  15. The Hillbilly Poem - Read a funny poem about a hillbilly girl who wants to marry a man her pappy says is her half-brother.
  16. The Perfect Man - Read a humorous poem about who would make up the perfect man.
  17. California State Song - Read a humorous poem about the rolling blackouts in California sung to the theme song from the TV western "Rawhide".
  18. Breakfast In Bed - A series of funny poems written between a husband and wife about the husband trying to get his wife to come back to bed for some morning delight.
  19. My Forgetter - A funny poem about getting old.
  20. Twas the Night Before Ramaden - A funny poem about the night before Ramaden.
  21. A Lovely Ramaden Poem - Another funny Ramaden poem.
  22. The Mouse on the Barroom Floor - A funny Irish poem about a mouse who becomes brave after consuming the beer drops on the barroom floor.
  23. Girl Poem - An amusing poem written especially for women.
  24. Greeting Card Possibilities Overlooked by Hallmark - Here are some amusing greeting possibilties that you will definitely not find on any Hallmark cards.
  25. Woman's and Man's Prayer - Have you ever wondered what men and women pray for. Click here and find out!
  26. Mood of a Woman and Man - Read a funny poem about the moods of a woman and man.
  27. The Clothesline Said So Much - Read how a clothesline can tell allot about a family.
  28. The Night Before Thanksgiving - A humorous poem about a family getting ready for Thanksgiving.
  29. Valentine's Lines - A funny story written by a man about his wife.
  30. Sometimes - Sometimes it is hard to get noticed until you do that one thing.
  31. The Lewinsky and Kaczynski Limerick - A funny poem that uses the two words Lewinsky (The Intern) and Kaczynski (the Unabomber) in the same limerick.
  32. Wet or Dry - A humorous poem about the comparison between animals, who don't drink alcohol, and people who do.
  33. Burma Shave - Funny poems about Burma Shave found on road signs in the 1930's and 1940's
  34. The Redneck's Family Tree - A funny poem about how confusion family relationships can be when you marry within the family.
  35. It's Holloween Time - A funny poem about Holloween with pictures..
  36. A Christmas Story - A humorous Christmas poem about why Santa Claus is pissed.
  37. A Woman's Poem - A funny poem written by a woman about her husband.
  38. Don't Mess With Mom - An amusing poem about a boy who just learned about the Bill of Rights for kids and how his mom reacts to  it.
  39. A Congressional Christmas Card - An amusing verse from a Christmas card sent from a Democrat to his Republican friend.

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