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When people are involved in any situation the outcome can be very funny. We currently have 200+ humorous stories about people. A description of each people joke is provided below the link.

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  1. Genie - A funny anecdote about a man who finds an oil lamp and accidently makes a wish he soon regrets.
  2. Dudes In Hell - A funny story about three guys,Tom, Mike, and Jose, who found themselves in Hell and how they were punished for their sins.
  3. The Irritated Cowboy - After a long hard cattle drive you never know what a cowboy might order for dinner in a restaurant.
  4. Downsizing - Companies are always downsizing to reduce costs and it is always difficult for a manager to have to lay someone off. At times what to say to that employee can be even funnier.
  5. The Englishman & The Scotsman - Which did come first the Chicken or the Egg?
  6. The Long Ranger Strikes Again - The miscommunication between the Long Ranger and his horse, Silver, can be very funny.
  7. The Boss - The battle between the various organs of the body to decide who is the boss can be very amusing.
  8. Have You Ever Heard Of Jack Schitt? - How many times has someone said to you..... "You don't know Jack Schitt...." Now you will know the entire story...
  9. Latex Products - Did you know that making latex bottle nipples is similar to making latex condoms?
  10. The Italian Who Went To Detroit - Often when someone visits another country and is not all that familiar with the language, the outcome can be very humorous.
  11. City Folks - A funny story about a bet between a farmer and a city dweller and who is really the smarter one!
  12. Size Is Everything - An amusing story about how a small guy wrongly interprets what a big dude says.
  13. The Jones Brothers - When a women mistakenly identifies one brother for the other the outcome can be very amusing.
  14. The Engineer - It's instinctive for engineers to correct technical problems even if could mean their on demise.
  15. Nicknames - An amusing conversation between three women on how they came up with a nickname for their husbands.
  16. The Genius Farmer - A funny story about a farmer who tries to win the Nobel Prize.
  17. African Roulette - Have you ever heard of Russian Roulette? Well here is a version called African Roulette that will surely get your attention!
  18. Vegetable Garden - An amusing story about how to get the vegetables in one's garden to grow.
  19. Do You Know Me? - A funny anecdote about an elderly woman who seems to know everyone in the court room.
  20. Baby Photographer - Do baby photographers do more than just photograph babies? Click here to find out!
  21. Billy Bob's In Town - A humorous story about a country boy who experiences his first sexual encounter!
  22. Last Meal - A funny anecdote about three guys, an Italian, a Frenchman, and an American who awaiting to be excuted request their last meal.
  23. Never Underestimate Anyone! - A funny story about a golf match between Tiger Woods and Stevie Wonder.
  24. The Negative Barber - An amusing story about a barber whose negative attitude about everything catches up with him in the end.
  25. My Dingaling - There is more to a last name than meets the eye, as this one policeman finds out.
  26. The Double Room - Here's a funny technique that will surely stop someone from snoring.
  27. Anything - An amusing tale of a horney wilderness man who comes down from his mountain looking for some action.
  28. Who Runs Faster? - When you are in the jungle being stalked by a ferocious tiger who do you really have to outrun? Click here to find out!
  29. Hell Ain't Such a Bad Place! or Is It? - All the things you may like about hell. Maybe except for one.....
  30. The Dark Side Of Disney - Amusing tales of such Disney characters as Cinderella, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Mickey Mouse, and Snow White.
  31. New Yorker - An amusing story about a Frenchman, an Englishman, and a New Yorker who get captured by cannibals.
  32. Be Careful Of What You Wish For! - An amusing story about a NASA government employee who gets his three wishes from rubbing an old lamp.
  33. The Dietitian - When a dietitian asks the audience what is the worst food you could possibly eat, the answer could really surprise you.
  34. Layoff - Read how laying off personnel can be harder than you think.
  35. Chinese Torture - Click here to read about the three worst chinese torture tests known to man.
  36. The Hillbilly & Two Indians - Read an amusing story of two indians who take a hillbilly along with them when they go cave exploring.
  37. Texas Vs. Australia - A funny story about a Texas farmer and Australia farmer who try to out do each other.
  38. The Gift - A humorous story about a man who mistakenly gives his sweetheart the wrong Valentines gift.
  39. A Call For Help - When you need immediate medical assistance a doctor may not always be the answer.
  40. Irish Jokes - An assortment of amusing jokes about Irishman.
  41. The Dishonest Lawyer - An amusing story about a dishonest lawyer whose crooked tactics comes back to bite him.
  42. Too Long Of A Wait - A funny story about two elderly women sitting on a park bench.
  43. Looking For That Special Girl - An amusing anecdote about a man looking for that one special girl.
  44. Revenge - A funny story about a male and female statue who come to life to fulfill their one desire.
  45. Precious - An amusing story about a southern bell explaining her New York trip to her girl friends.
  46. Two Chinamen - Here is a real tonque twister about two Chinamen, one named "No Cum" and the other named "I Cum".
  47. Rabbi Knows Best - A funny story about an IRS tax auditor interviewing a Rabbi about his deductions.
  48. Here's Anothern Kentucky Joke - A humorous story about two Kentucky boys who want to go to college.
  49. A Man With No Vices - A funny story about a man and a bum exchanging conversation.
  50. The Irish Engineer - A funny story about an Irishman and an American applying for the same engineering position and why one got selected over the other.
  51. The Body Builder - An amusing story about a body builder who tries to impress his date only to have it back fire on him.
  52. Free Drinks and More - A funny story about a Polak, an Itailian, and an Irishman who go out for a drink after work.
  53. What To Do For a Cough? - A humorous anecdote about an effective cure for the common cough.
  54. Sneaking a Quickie - A funny story about a couple on board an airplane who put a new meaning to the phrase "Mile High Club".
  55. How Old Am I? - A humorous story about a man who flaunts his recent plastic surgery.
  56. The Barber Shop - A funny story about a man who goes into a barber shop and gets more than he bargained for when he asks to get a closer shave. 
  57. It's a Small World - A  funny story about an elderly couple who gets pulled over by a policeman in Arkansas.
  58. The General's Retirement - A humorous story about how a general's retirement pay is estimated.
  59. Good Comeback - A funny story about a supermarket clerk who has a quick wit when caught in an embarrassing circumstance.
  60. Ever Important 3 Letters - An amusing anecdote about how management deals with a crisis using the information contained in three letters.
  61. Major Plot - With all hype going on abot terrorism and the false reports we keep hearing about here's one that make a mockery of all the false reports.
  62. A Moral Dilemma For You - A funny anecdote about a photographer who is caught up in a dilemma when he sees Osama Bin Laden drowning in a flood in Afganistan.
  63. Terrorists in Your Company - A humorous story about a about terrorists being found in your workplace.
  64. The Traffic Ticket - A funny story about a farmer who gets a traffic ticket and the significance of the swarming circle flies.
  65. Out Numbered - A humorous story about how the U.S. forces outnumber the Taliban.
  66. Evaluate Yourself - A funny test you can take to see how others see you.
  67. Only in Alabama - A humorous anecdote about a hunter who calls 911 because is fellow hunter has dropped over dead.
  68. Holding a Grudge - A funny story about a wealthy man who even in death holds a grudge against his cousin.
  69. Engineers and Lawyers - An amusing story about three engineers and three lawyers who are the same train.
  70. Irish Humor - To commemorate St. Patrick's Day that is forth coming we have included five short humorous stories about the Irish.
  71. Tipping - An amusing story about a man who tips his waitress only 3 pennies. 
  72. Rabbi Meets the IRS - A funny story about an IRS agent who audits a Rabbi. 
  73. 100th Birthday - A funny story about how Grandma is treated on her 100th birthday. 
  74. Living Alone - A humorous story about a lonely man who retires and lives alone out in the middle of nowhere.
  75. Propaganda From the Lone Star State - A funny story about a Texan bragging about his new born baby boy.
  76. Survivor - Texas Style - Click here for the new Survivor show that takes place in Texas. The first one that makes it back to Dallas wins!
  77. 4 People and Only 3 Parachutes - If Hilary Clinton, the Pope, Koby Bryant, and a 10-year old school boy were passengers on a doomed flight, who would get the only 3 parachutes? Click here to find out!
  78. Military Humor - Six short humorous stories about the military.
  79. Exercise - A funny story about how to exercise by holding potatoe sacks.
  80. A Pair of Jackasses - A humorous story about how one person deals with his frustration by taken it out on two other people.
  81. The Latest Terrorist Threat - CEOnistas - A funny anecdote about a band of roving chief executives.
  82. If Airlines Sold Paint - If the theory behind how airlines sell airplane tickets were applied against selling paint, this is what it would look like.
  83. Battle of the Fragrances - An amusing story about three women (two young and one old) in an elevator, each  trying to out do the other with the cost of their fragrance.
  84. The Brothel - A funny story about the relationship between a brothel and an inheritance.
  85. Southern Women - A funny conversation between two southern women.
  86. Parking Ticket - Read about a man who harasses the police officer who is writting him up a parking ticket.
  87. Too Much - Four men, one from Idaho, one from Iowa, one from New Jersey, and one from New York, riding along in a car each complaining of what their state has too much of.
  88. Not In Mexico -Read a funny story about a man inquiring if there are any jews in Mexico.
  89. Polish Sausage - Read a humorous story about a man who is offended when asked if he was Polish simply because he requested Polish sausage.
  90. Police Stories - Read humorous police quotes and stories.
  91. Jerry Springer Show Appearance Application - Have you ever wondered what an application to get on the Jerry Springer show looks like? Well, wonder no more!
  92. Old Age & Wisdom - Read an amusing story about a farmer who comes across some girls skinny dipping in his pond.
  93. Three Friend's Funeral - Read a funny story about three friends who pass on and are waiting in line to get into heaven.
  94. The Italian Who Went On Vacation - Read an amusing story about an Italian and his wife who went on vacation by train. 
  95. The French Fighter Pilot - Read an amusing story about a French fighter pilot making love to his Marie. 
  96. On A Deserted Island - Read a funny story about what happens when two men and a women of the same nationality are stranded on an island.
  97. Moral/Ethical Dilemma - Read a humorous story about a man who passes a bus stop and sees three people waiting in stormy weather and has only room for one more person in his car.
  98. The Test - A funny story about 4 friends at Duke University who have to take a makeup after missing a final test for partying too hard.
  99. Executive Management Material - At work have you ever wondered what it takes to be a good executive manager. Well, read this a find out!
  100. Bon Jour! - Some pretty famous people speak out about the French.
  101. Tough Decision - Read a tough decision that President Bush has to make concerning the French.
  102. Comprehensive Naming Convention - Read a funny naming convention that dates back 5000 years ago in China.
  103. It Could Happen - Read a humorous chat between an American and Iraqi soldier.
  104. Andy Rooney's Tips for Telemarketers - Want to stop those annoying telemarketers and the junk mail that we all get daily. Click here to learn how.
  105. More On The French - Read two funny stories about the French. 
  106. Which Muppet Are You? - Have you ever wondered which Muppet character you are most like? Well, wonder no more. Click here to find out!
  107. New Type of Terrorist - Terrorists come in all forms, even disguised as teachers.
  108. Philosophy 101 Philosophy on Life - The old "is the jar full" lesson of life.
  109. The Courtroom - A funny story about an elderly woman who is required in court to tell what she knows about the defense attorney and prosecutor.
  110. ACTS 2:38 - A humorous story about an elderly woman who catches a burglar in her home with the use of Bible scripture.
  111. Two Old Woman - A humorous story about two elderly women sitting on a park bench.
  112. Shall We Pray? - A funny story about a boy who buys condoms for a planned evening with his girl friend only to have it spoiled during a dinner with her parents.
  113. Senility and Old Age - If you ever wander what happens to a person when they get old, here is a humorous take on it.
  114. Old Ladies and Frogs - Here is another version of a woman kissing a frog and turning it into a handsome prince.
  115. State-Of-The-Art Watch - A funny story about a Marine who can communicate with his watch telepathically.
  116. A Cat Tale - Cats are generally misunderstand creatures. Here is one tale where a cat is misunderstood by a taxi driver.
  117. Old Man and the Frog - I guess there is more to life, when your old, then kissing a frog and having her turn into a insatiable princess.
  118. Second Chance - Sometimes that best way to convince someone not to take drugs is the hard core facts of prison life.
  119. The Blind Clerk - A funny story about a blind clerk at Wallmart who can tell what a person is purchasing by the sound of the item.
  120. Hillbilly Intellect - Humorous dialect between three Hillbillies about how stupid their wives are (at least one isn't).
  121. Dad & Son - A story about how a woman saves a child from choking on a quarter. While a child choking on a quarter is not funny who this woman works for is.
  122. Navajo Wisdom - A humorous message provided by one Navajo elder to be delivered on the moon by astronauts.
  123. Girls Night Out - A funny story about four girls on a night out to a male strip club.
  124. An Erotic Sneeze - A humorous story about a woman who is inflicted with a rare, but desired, disease.
  125. Lawyers - A funny story about a police officer who, during a cross examination in a felony trial, is quick on his feet to respond to questions by a defense laywer.
  126. Osama bin Laden - A humorous story about Osama bin Laden who dies and goes to heaven, expecting his 72 virgins.
  127. Nun's Kiss - A funny story about a cab driver who gets a kiss from a Nun.
  128. Guaranteed Weight Loss Program - A unique, but funny, weight loss program designed specifically for men.
  129. Don't Scream Too Late - A funny story about two blind pilots.
  130. Actions Speak Louder Than Words - A humorous story about a supposively religious women being caught up in road rage.
  131. Identifying Drivers - You can actually tell where a person is from just by observing their driving techniques. Click to here to see how.
  132. Texas Justice - A humorous story about a dispute between a Texas farmer and a lawyer about a fallen duck.
  133. West Virginia - A funny story about a Pittsburg taxidermist who walks into a bar in West Virginia.
  134. The Test - How would a democrat and republican handle an attack on their family by an armed suspect. Click here to find out.
  135. What Nice Legs! - A funny story about a professor giving his students a final exam on birds based on what the bird's legs look like.
  136. British Humor - A humorous story about an American in England who after many beers relieves himself with help of the local police.
  137. Anger Management - Read a funny story about how one man deals with his anger against two other people he affectionally calls "assholes".
  138. What Religion is Your Bra? - A humorous story about a man who goes to buy a bra for his wife only to be asked about what religious type of bra he was looking for. Also if you ever wandered what the cup size meant, he is one humorous take on it.
  139. Brain Dead - A humorous story about a women whose uncle is brain dead.
  140. Unemployment Office - A funny story about two men who work at the same place but get two different unemployment benefits.
  141. A Sheepish Story - A funny story about the battle of wits between a sheep herder and a yuppie.
  142. Little Fifi - A humorous story about an American soldier trying to get a seat on the Chicago train that is occupied by the dog belonging to a French woman.
  143. That Little Irish Lad - A funny story about a young Irish boy who uses the local Priest to further his social life.
  144. New French Terrorist Alert - A funny story about the new French terror alert.
  145. Medical Advice - A funny story about what really causes heart attacks by comparing heat attack statistics from people around the world.
  146. Naughty Woman - A humorous story about a stressed out woman whose crazy antics while driving makes the police think she has stolen the car.
  147. The Environmentalist - A funny story about a woman tree hugger whose environmentalist ways has come back to haunt her.
  148. Sinko De Mayo - A funny story about how May 5th became a Mexican holiday.
  149. French Engineers - A humorous story about French engineers testing the windshields of their airplanes using chickens.
  150. Blind Texan - A funny story about a blind who visits Texas only to learn that everything is bigger in Texas.
  151. Elderly Sex - Two humorous stories about elderly people and sex.
  152. Opps! - A funny story about a laid out cowboy in a movie theater who take up three seats.
  153. What Do Retired People Do? - A humorous story about how one retired man spends his time giving a cop a hard time for doing his job.
  154. Minimum Wages - A funny story about a state agent who questions a farmer about paying his help less than minimum wage.
  155. Sending Old Men To War - Read a humorous story as to why we should be sending our old men to war and not our young ones.
  156. Cheap Denistry - Read a funny story about a Scotsman who wants to get a tooth extracted really cheap.
  157. Picture on the Nightstand - A humorous story about a man who finds out who the man is in the picture of his girlfriend's nightstand.
  158. White Man - A funny story about how one Indian Chief feels about the white man.
  159. A Great Re-write of Who's On First - A great, and funny, re-write of "Who's On First" by Abbot and Costello for the 21st Century.
  160. The One Wish Genie - Ladies Version - A humorous story about a women who finds a lamp, rubs it, and is granted a wish by the genie inside. Only, she doesn't get what she wished for.
  161. A Union Shop - A funny story about a union man who will only visit a union brothel.
  162. Embarrassing Moments - Humorous tales about people in the most embarrassing situations.
  163. Old Timers Are Smart - A funny story about an old man who buys his young girl friend a diamond ring.
  164. Chain Letters - A funny spin on what may happen if you receive too many chain letters.
  165. Beer Revealed as Historical Female Plot - A funny story about men drinking beer to get in touch with their feminine side.
  166. Nerds Not Allowed - A funny story about how they keep the nerd population down in Silicon Valley.
  167. The Cork - A funny story about a terrorist student who walks around with a cork up his butt.
  168. Nine Months Later - A hurmorous story about a man who hears from an attorney after his friend had used his identity during an affair he had nine months earlier.
  169. Being Retired - A funny story about how one retired old man keeps busy on a typical day.
  170. Air Crash - An amusing story about 4 well known persons and a little girl on a plane that is about to crash with only 4 parachutes on board.
  171. California Girls - A funny story about three men sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.
  172. Apples and Wine - A funny story about how women are like apples and men are like wine, from a women's perspective.
  173. Urgent Bulletin - Terrorist Alert - Read an urgent bulletin about terrorists that may be found in your own office.
  174. Refund - Don't know whether this is true or not but it is about how one woman got her money back from Wal-Mart.
  175. Flatulence - A funny story about President Bush and Queen Elizabeth riding in a horse drawn coach in London.
  176. Army Draft - A humorous story about a Tennessee man being drafted into the Army.
  177. Postal Worker - A funny story about a postal worker who intercepts a letter from a little old lady to God.
  178. Dating in 1957 - A comical story about how one father's mistake may have impacted his daughter's dating back in 1957.
  179. Almonds - An amusing story about an elderly woman on a bus who gives the bus driver her almonds.
  180. Older Folks - Read five short humorous stories about old people.
  181. Nudist Colony - Read a funny story about an 68 year old man in a nudist colony who takes exception to some its rules.
  182. One Nation Under God - A humorous story about a teacher, an Atheist, who tries to prove that there is no God only to be set straight by a yound Marine student.
  183. Computer Gender - A funny story about a Spanish class that came up with the gender of the computer.
  184. Barber Shop - A humorous story about a man who, every week, sticks his head in a Barber Shop to ask how long the wait but never returns.
  185. How We Look At Others - A funny story about getting old and how we see others our on age and how they may view us.
  186. Making Love - A humorous story about how three people, an Italian, a Frenchman, and a Redneck, attempt to out do each other when it comes to making love their wife.
  187. Milk Machine - A funny story about a dairy farmer who buys an automatic milk machine and uses it on himself before reading the details about the machine.
  188. Fractured Fairy Tales - A humourous story about 3 Friars who decided to go into the flowing growing business.
  189. It's Hell Getting Old - A set of three short but funny stories about getting old.
  190. A Smart Old Man - A funny story about an old man who tries to get a group of young naked women out of his pond.
  191. Which Military Service Has More Balls - A story about how the military leaders of each service try to out do themselves on the loyal conduct of their men.
  192. A Gift For Mother - Being Mothers Day today I thought it appropriate to include a funny story about 3 sons who each give their mother a gift and how she liked it.
  193. Mexican Earthquate - Read how many countries respond to an earthquate in Mexico.
  194. Jokes About Engineers - Read many humorous stories about engineers.
  195. Tell Me This Won't Happen to Us - Read many humorous stories about elderly people that could make you relate as you get older.
  196. Success - A funny story about 4 guys who sit around at a party and talk about the success of their sons, each trying to outdo the other.
  197. Texas Gentleman - A humorous story about a Texan who helps a lady to get onto a bus.
  198. Fishing in Cajun Country - A funny story about how a Cajun outwits a game warden when caught red handed fishing without a license.
  199. The Mailman - A comical story about a man telling the mailman about a drunken game they played the night before called "Who Am I".
  200. Priorities - A humorous story about a caretaker who tells the property owner about a series of unfortunate incidences and how the owner reacts.
  201. Cinderella - A funny story about 95-year old Cinderella who gets three wishes from her Fairy Godmother.
  202. Senior Citizens - Leading Carriers of AIDS - Read why senior citizens are the leading carrier of AIDS.
  203. Redneck and Logic - A humorous story about two rednecks who go to college and one takes a class in logics.
  204. The Butchers Legal Argument - A funny story about a butcher who wants to get paid from his neighbor whose dog   stole a roast from his store.
  205. The Intruder - A story about an home intruder who wants to know the names of his victims.
  206. I Want To Speak To My Lawyer - A funny story about a man who keeps asking to see his lawyer only to be told countless times that he died.
  207. Good Business - A humorous story about a old grump geezer who demands on opening up a checking account using foul language.
  208. The Adroit Bank Clerk - A funny story about a man who applies for a clerk job at a bank.

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